Patrick O\'Doyle

Patrick O'Doyle

Patrick O'Doyle

…. and as the ship pulled away from the port, he waved goodbye to his ever loving Mam, with sadness in his heart and dreams in his head of a prosperous and beautiful new life across the sea to Liverpool.

Size 57cm, 22 ¼ inc, uk hat size 7

This black wool low top hat is not vintage, but has been distressed to look worn. The emerald green silk scarf has been carefully aged and sits casually around the hat, and about it sits a handmade pipe holder with vintage clay pipe. To the left sits a keep sake pocket watch case, with a picture of Mam and a lock of her hair.

Miss Cherry T: Even though this hat is not of vintage blood, it’s a favourite. A real talking piece.

This hat is available at Territori, 86, Rue De Charonne, Paris 11.