The Bee Keeper

The Bee Keeper

In our ever destructive world, one of our biggest problems is that of the rapid reduction in Honeybees. Due to their significant role in pollenating the vegetables and fruit we need to survive, the consequences of an extinct Bee population would have an enormously grave threat to mankind. Albert Einstein once quoted , “Mankind will not survive the Honeybees disappearance for more that five years”.

This little chap has a big job on his hands (wings!), Lets not hinder him, lets Help him! Save the Bees.

A stylish Black Vintage Homburg wool felt hat. Banded with old hand pleated pale pink ribbon and boasting an amazing front display of beautiful silk roses in bloom. Dotted among the flowers sit three hand made Vintage Honeybees, all safely enclosed in a red net.

Miss Cherry tree dedicates this hat to Ann and Bruce Rodgers, my two favourite Beekeepers xx

Size 56cm, UK hat size 6 7/8, 21 7/8 inch.