The Tooth Fairy - ( La Petite Souris)

The Tooth Fairy - ( La Petite Souris)

With wings a fluttering, Pearl appeared in a silent blink. In the dark and sleepy still of the night, she gently slid her tiny, delicate hand under the pillow of the sleeping child, to retrieve the tiny white gem, and replaced it with a shiny gold coin. She then disappears as silently as she arrived, her only trace, a trail of sparkling fairy dust. and a heart full of beliefs.

Size 57cm, 22 3/8inch, Hat size 7 1/8

A Charming Vintage black wool Bowler hat bought to life with a shocking pink French Vintage satin ribbon, hand pleated and gathered with elegant Victorian glass buttons around the band. At the front of this magical hat sits a fascinating piece, made from old acrylic teeth and vintage jewels, from which sprouts a stunning black plume of feathers. If this is not enough for you, I have finished this gem of a hat with a puff of fairy dust in the form of pink pom pom netting.

Miss Cherry T says, “ I miss my tooth fairy, but with this eye popping, candy loving, tooth brushing hat, Im sure to get the attention of any Tooth Fairy, Mouse, Rat or Bunny around the world!”